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Determine Iy

  1. Oct 20, 2008 #1
    I must determine Vx and Iy in this figure..

    Vx=8 v that what i found using voltage division..but how can i find Iy?

    thank you

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    Are you familiar with combining resistors that are in parallel or series? That seems the most straightforward approach.
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    Is your current arrow for Iy, drawn as given in your problem? In your diagram it appears to be right over a node. (Are you familiar with the behavior of current with respect to Kirchoff's current law?)
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    sry the current Iy is for the resistor(40 ohms)..i did a resistance equivalence to find vx..but i cannot seem to fin Iy..please guide me
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    You need to show your own effort to receive more help here. You've gotten as much help as our guidelines allow until you show your work.
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