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Determine the angle between the inclined plane and the horizontal

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    A hollow, thin-walled cylinder and a solid sphere start from rest and roll without slipping down an inclined plane of length 5 m. The cylinder arrives at the bottom of the plane 2.6 s after the sphere. Determine the angle between the inclined plane and the horizontal.

    x=Vo + 1/2 at^2 and I got 3.97s for t
    I=1/2 M(R^2 + R^2 I=2/5 MR^2
    I got 5.20 for phida

    The sun's radius is 6.96 108 m, and it rotates with a period of 25.3 days. Estimate the new period of rotation of the sun if it collapses with no loss of mass to become a neutron star of radius 5.3 km.

    T2/T1 = R^2/R^2 and I got 1.47 x 10^-9 days m for T2 and then I converted it and get 1.27 x 10^-4ms
    Figure 10-45 shows a hollow cylindrical tube of mass M = 0.8 kg and length L = 1.9 m. Inside the cylinder are two masses m = 0.4 kg, separated a distance = 0.6 m and tied to a central post by a thin string. The system can rotate about a vertical axis through the center of the cylinder. The system rotates at such that the tension in the string is 108 N just before it breaks.

    M xWo^2 x r=T to get 30 rad/s for Wo
    I initial=ML^2/10 + mr^2 +mr^2 and I got 1.01 kg m^2
    I final=ML^2/10 +Mr^2 +Mr^2 and I got 2.96 kg m^2
    Io Wo= I(final) W(final) and I got 10.25 rad/s for W(final)

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    For which? The cylinder or the sphere?
    I have no idea if this is right or wrong. You didn't say what
    "phida" means.

    Okay, you used "conservation of angular momentum". Looks good.

    What is the question? In any case, you don't say what the radius of the cylinder is.
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