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Determine the inductance

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    (fig) http://dave.uta.edu/gibbs/hw2315/images/induct03.gif [Broken]

    (rm) - http://dave.uta.edu/gibbs/hw2315/images/induct03a.gif [Broken]

    Given: The figure above shows an iron core wrapped by 80 turns of wire. The section view of the core shows the inner radius, r1 = 2 cm, while the outer radius r2 = 4.5 cm. The thickness, t, of the core is 1.5 cm. The core material has a relative permeability of 5000 and the magnetic permeability of free space is 4(pi)×10-7H/m.

    Hint: Use of the geometric mean radius (rm) of the core is the most accurate way to calculate the magnetic path length.

    Required: Determine the inductance, L, in mH.

    Anyone know the answer to this?
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