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Homework Help: Determine the integral

  1. Jan 18, 2009 #1
    Please help. How do you solve this attachment.php?attachmentid=17226&stc=1&d=1232309454.jpg

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    This seems to involve the elliptical integral according to maple...
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    First, separate out the easy parts; write the integrand as:

    (1/e2)e1/(2x) + 4x

    Integrate 4x separately, = 2x2

    Lookup the integral of e1/(2x) (! I found it on Mathematica, here:



    Your result will be (1/e2)[The integral you found...] + 2x2

    BTW: Wolfram/Mathematica does find that the answer includes a so-called "Exponential Integral".
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    Oops I meant exponential not elliptical :)
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    The bigger question is how to solve an integral exp(ax^q) where q isn't null and isn't 1, I don't think there's a prescription to it.
    are you sure it shouldn't be xexp(1/x), cause this can be computed by changing 1/x=u and a series change.
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