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Homework Help: Determine the magnetic field strength

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    I have racked my brain for the past two hours and I can't figure this out. If any one can help me with, please do.

    Two long parallel wires 6.00 cm apart carry 19.5 A currents in the same direction. Determine the magnetic field strength at a point 12.0 cm from one wire and 13.4 cm from the other. (Hint: Make a drawing in a plane containing the field lines, and recall the rules for vector addition.)

    I found the magnetic field for each of the wires seperately using B = Mo(I)/ r

    but I cannot understand what the "vectors" have to do with the problem.
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    The magnetic field (just like the electric field) is a vector quantity; therefore when superposing two fields, you must use the rules of vector addition.

    Check your text or Google for how to add vectors.
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