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Determine the nearest neighbour equilibrium distance

  1. Feb 27, 2009 #1
    Can teach me hw to do?

    2. Energy per atom for argon crystal is given by
    U(R) = −(A /R6 )+ (B/R12 )
    where A = 1.03 ×10−77 Jm6 and B = 1.62 ×10−134 Jm12 are constants and R is the nearest
    neighbour distance.
    (a) Explain both expressions on the right hand side in the above equation.
    (b) Determine the nearest neighbour equilibrium distance.
    (c) Compare the van der Waals and repulsion between cores contributions to the energy at
    the equilibrium distance.
    (d) Estimate the magnitude of the van der Waals force between 2 argon atoms at
    equilibrium distance, assuming that the van der Waals energy is only due to the nearest
    neighbour interaction.

    Thanks a lot...
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