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Homework Help: Determine the range of force

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    The cables are tied at A and loaed as shown
    Determine the range of values of P for which both cables remain taut !

    I have an idea on the AC rope. Since the tension force T must not be zero on the horizontal line (or the line along AC), therefore, the min force of P > 0. Because when P>0, the horizontal component is not zero. Is it true? How about AB
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    Welcome to PF!

    Hi fociboy ! Welcome to PF! :smile:

    If P is too small, the 960N weight will pull A toward the wall.

    If P is too large, it will pull A upward.

    Hint: the question is really asking you find the formulas for the tension in each cable.

    Then you choose the values for which the tension in either cable is zero. :smile:
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    Dear tiny-tim,
    I've known how to solve it. We resolve all the force in to x and y component. And determine the conditions that the tension force on the rope is more than zero
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    Hi fociboy! :smile:
    (you mean I know how to solve it, or I've found how to solve it :wink:)

    That's right … resolve into components. :smile:

    Is everything ok now?
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    I see. But you know, I've started studying in university and there're still a lot of things to know. I hope I can join and become an active member of the forum. Thanks :)
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