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Determine the shear modulus

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    hi there, im completely stuck on this question and was wondering if anyone could help me out here;

    ''a metal wire has a diameter of 1mm. when subjected to a tensile load of 200N the diameter is 0.99925. if the youngs modulus of the titanium is 110GPa, determine the shear modulus of the metal.''

    the forumula for shear modulus is 'shear stress/shear strain'

    but finding shear strain applies to displacement of solids.

    using poisson's ratio means i need to find the length but there isn't one specified,

    i am stuck
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    Try this out.

    First calculate the tensile stress produced from the loading. Then look at the relations between stress, strain, and the elastic modulus.

    EDIT: Sorry I missed that you already have the elastic modulus. Disregard the above.

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    lol, i read the question carefully and realised titanium pops up, so the formula

    E=2G (1+V) might do

    V= 0.33
    i found a shear modulus calculator anf found the answer is 41.35GPa

    but to work it out i have to rearrange the equation to make G the subject?
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