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Homework Help: Determine the time it take for the car and the truck to meet

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    a car starts from rest at a point 300m from a truch that is moving at a constant rate of 30m/s toward the car. IF the car accelerates at .8m/s2, determine the time it take for the car and the truck to meet.
    This is what I did
    Vi = 0, a = .8
    Vf^2=2as = Vf=21.9

    21.9/.8 = 27.38

    300/15 = 20

    They meet after (27.38 -20) = 7.38 seconds.

    The answer given is 8.94seconds. Not sure what I am doing wrong?????
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    James R

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    You assumed the truck meets the car at 300 m. It doesn't, because the truck is moving towards the car.
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    You will need to set up your equation such as the car will cover a distance x, which will be the distance the truck meets the car, but the truck will cover a distance x+300.
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    dont you mean 300 - x
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    Depends on where you put your coordinate system, i put the origin on the car.
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    Thank you all for your help - Arden
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