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Homework Help: Determine the value of the auxiliary resistance, professor showed us, didn't work?

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    Hello everyone, i'm running into a problem getting the last part of this question, part (c). I posted my work here: http://img234.imageshack.us/img234/4353/lastscan4wr.jpg [Broken]
    When i applied kurchofs rule i got the following exxpression:
    -RsIs + RgIg = 0
    RgIg = RsIs
    Rs = [RgIg]/Is

    Any ideas where i'm messing up at? The professor said its right the way i'm doing it, but he might have missed somthing..

    The coil of a certain galvanometer has a resistance of 74.2 ; its needle shows a full-scale deflection when a current of 1.51 mA passes through its coil.

    (c) Determine the value of the auxiliary resistance required to convert the galvanometer to an ammeter that reads 50.0 mA at full-scale deflection.
    wrong check mark
    (d) Should this resistance be connected in series or in parallel?
    [in series]
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