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Homework Help: Determing charge

  1. Feb 3, 2012 #1
    Objects A and B are both positively charged. Both have a mass of 100 g but A has twice the charge of B. When A and B are placed with 10 cm between their centers, B experiences an electric force of 0.35 N

    What is the charge of qa?

    I have no idea where to start... I know of the equation..

    F = k|q*q'|/r^2
    but this does not relate to mass in any way... so how am I suppose to implement the 100g into the equation to solve for qa?
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    For this part of the problem, I believe the mass is irrelevant. There may be a follow-on question that asks for the acceleration due to the electric forces or something...
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    the follow up question is what is the charge of B
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