Determining Acceleration

  1. A feather is dropped on the moon from a height of 1.40 meters. The acceleration of gravity on the moon is 1.67 m/s2 Determine the time for the feather to fall to the surface of the moon.

    So, I wrote my given:
    d=1.4 m
    a= 1.67 m/s2
    both initial and final velocity= 0

    I know I am looking for time, but I have no idea what equation to use. I tried:
    vf= vi+at , but I didn't get the right answer. The answer should be 1.29 s.
    Any help would be much appreciated, please and thank you!:)
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    Well what equation involves d,a,t and u (initial velocity)?
  4. This does: d=vi+1/2*at2
    but I didn't get the right answer with that either, I got .75:(
  5. I got the right answer now.:)
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