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Determining Body Power

  1. Jul 16, 2011 #1
    A 200 g bag of potato chips contains 4.8 MJ of energy. A person was running up a flight of stairs. How long would it take for the person working at their maximum power to consume this energy? Give your answer in an appropriate unit and be sure to show your work.

    I've found Ek, Eg, P, v, average time taken to run flight of stairs and W from answering previous questions for. The distance and the height of the stairs was already given. I'm confused about which given I'm suppose to use. So, I want to know which of the information I found should be used to solving this question (the simplest way possible).
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    The energy you need to burn off is 4.8MJ. If you know the work (J/s) exerted from a person running up stairs then how long would it take to exert 4.8MJ of energy.
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