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Determining G force

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    Ok need a bit of help checking I've got this right please.

    If an aircraft (Unknown weight) banks into a turn of radius 100m at a bank angle of 90deg ie fully banked into the turn and the max G the plane/pilot can pull is 5G what is the maximum speed the aircraft can travel?

    I've worked it out using G = V^2/r

    V = √(5*100)
    V = 70 mps

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    IMHO if the lift force of the plane is at right angles to the plane of the wings and the plane is fully banked. what force will support the weight of the plane?
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    Andrew Mason

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    You have to convert 5G to an acceleration with units in m/sec^2. I assume you have done this because √(5*100)≠70 and 70 is the right answer.

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