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Homework Help: Determining IFS

  1. Jun 13, 2012 #1


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    I need to determine the affine transformations used to produce the following image:


    Been staring at it for an hour and it's frustrating me to no end because it's probably really easy. Clearly it gets scaled by 1/3 and there are 3 linear transformations that put it at (0,0), (1/3,1/3) and (2/3,0) but I don't know how to produce the vertical edges. It's not iterating anything, it's just a line that keeps getting bigger... Take the original image, remove the y-coordinates, scale by 1/3 and rotate, or something?
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    Yes, try some kind of projection on the x-axis.
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    Got it. Thanks, guess I just needed a little push in the back. :)
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    It's clear that the basic transformation is something like
    f(x)= 0 if 0< x< 1/3
    f(x)= 1 if 1/3< x< 2/3
    f(x)= 0 if 2/3< x< 1.
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