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Determining My Safety School

  1. Nov 13, 2007 #1
    I'm about to apply to graduate (mathematics) schools coming the end of November since app deadlines are early to mid December and I seem to be having a hard time finding a good safety school.

    My GPA: 3.65 Overall, 3.75 (Math Upperdivision) from Berkeley
    My GPA: 3.9 Overall, from San Francisco State University (transf. to Berk at 2 years)
    GRE QUANT: 800
    GRE VERBAL: 470 (rather low, but since I'm a math major I hope they put less emphasis on it)
    GRE SUBJECT: Unknown (I think I got around the 90th percentile just from my reaction to taking the test)
    I'm also graduating with honors.

    So far I think I'm going to apply to:

    New York Univ.

    All thats left is to find a good backup school incase my wanted univ's turn me down. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions that have a good math department. I'm unsure of what area in math I want to study so its hard for me to discern between schools based on the faculty. (Keeping in mind this is a safety school, keep suggestions to those I have a good chance of getting in)

    The current backup I'm looking at is Purdue, though I'm not settled on the matter in any real sense. I just wanted to hear some feedback and get other opinions.
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