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Determining RC EDF Motor Parameters

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    Hello All,

    I am new to the field of electrical ducted fan (EDF) jets and am currently working on a new aerodynamic design using SolidWorks and Flow Simulation for aerodynamics testing. For my computer model, I can enter data for a fan that I would like to use for the thrust of my models, and my intent is to use one of the many, readily available RC EDF units available online.

    However, the problem is that my model requires the fan data to be entered in terms of the volumetric flow rate and pressure differential created by the fan, but the only manufacturer data available for most RC fans is the thrust, max power, and maybe efficiency in some cases. I'm wondering if there may be any ways to estimate what the max volumetric flow rate and pressure difference could be knowing the max thrust of the ducted fan and the diameter of the fan itself?

    NOTE: I am actually an electrical engineer by trade and am just getting more into the field of aerodynamics so please forgive my ignorance.

    Thank you all for any advice/insights you can offer,

    - Jason O
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