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Homework Help: Determining resistors in AC/DC circuit

  1. Mar 29, 2012 #1
    I have trouble with determining the type of resistor used in the following problem.

    A type of black box is connected to an AC/DC circuit. The values of U and I are given in the DC circuit, the value of R is not. The values of U and R are given in the AC circuit, the value of I is not.

    In the DC circuit the values of U and I are.
    U=0 I=0
    U=1 I=360
    U=2 I=500
    U=3 I=650
    U=4 I=750
    U=5 I=850

    Now, R is calculated using U=R*I, right?

    So the values of R would be:

    In the AC circuit the values of U and R are:
    U=0 R=0
    U=1 R=2.7
    U=2 R=3.3
    U=3 R=4.5
    U=4 R=5.3
    U=5 R=5.8

    The values for I would be according to U=R*I:

    Now, how do I determine the type of resistor that has been used in these circuits? I assume that it is not a capacitor as there is current flow in the DC circuit.
    Furthermore, the values of I in the AC circuit is approximately the value of I in the DC circuit*1/1000.
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