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Determinism and the future

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    If you could travel to the future wouldn't that mean that the outcome of every action and the resulting reaction were already determined? I know that we are constantly moving to the future, but Im talking about a situation similar to back to the future except he doesn't go back in time again.
    please be nice.
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    Yes it would definitely mean that.
    The future is an accumulation of the past, and time travel to the future implies that the traveler travels outside of time space, where he is not influencing the future just by merely traveling there.

    Otherwise it would mean that he is not traveling into the future, but rather traveling elsewhere, where he has influenced time in such a way that the travel accumulated into the future, which is no different from just normally living your life into the future like everyone is doing.
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    I don't see why time travel would imply determinism.
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    OK.. Maybe you can expand on that?
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