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Detroit Electric eyes comeback with Malaysia's Proton as partner

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    Here's something Bill Clinton was talking about on Letterman last night. He said America needs a real economy. Not one based on speculations, false backing and fear. This contract with one of America's oldest (and revived) auto makers, Detroit Electric, seems to be taking place in the spirit of the idea of a real economy.

    http://www.physorg.com/news139570025.html [Broken]

    This is an answer to the question "what to do about Iraq". Its an answer to kicking oil dependency. Its an answer to cleaning up the environment for the next generation of people.

    Secondary industries will spring from a demand for electricity. Wind farms, solar farms and hydro... not to mention nuclear industries will thrive to keep up with a demand that has, in the past, been reserved for the oil giants. The price of corn wouldn't sky rocket. The price of cane wouldn't go up. And the need for genetically modified plants for fuel would drop to an all time low... thankfully. Good old Detroit. Bet they never saw a revival like this coming down the pike.
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