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Deuterium and Tritium Density

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    I've been searching around online, and I can't find anything on the individual densities of D2 an T3, only the mean density of all hydrogen isotopes.
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    Are you talking densities for the liquid phase or something?

    The density of the gaseous phase should be determined by using the ideal gas law, knowing the pressure and the temperature of the gas, if the substance is isotopically pure.

    Here is how the ideal gas law is manipulated to give density:

    D - density of the gas, grams / liter or kg / m3
    M - molar mass of the gas
    P - absolute pressure of the gas.
    T - absolute temperature of the gas (° K)
    R - universal gas constant (varies depending on the units of absolute pressure used)


    For deuterium, M = 4 g / mol (each molecule is D2) while for tritium, M = 6 g / mol (each molecule is T2), for isotopically pure substances.

    The molar mass of a mixture of the two gasses would be calculated based on the partial pressures of each gas in the sample.

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