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Developing a cycle rickshaw

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    what if i use the pascals law for providing greater force,even by applying a small amount of force on the pedal.this larger force is used to drive the rear axle.shall i face any problems please suggest any difficulties even.
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    Um... What? How do you intended to apply Pascal's law to a pedal powered vehicle?


    I suppose it is at least conceivable you would somehow use fluids in this fashion to construct the equivalent of some kind of gearing system. It would seem to be extremely complicated for a pedal powered vehicle.

    Can you expand on what it is you are trying to do?
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    i am attaching 2 cylinders of different size (1 of smaller cross section than the other) with the 2 pistons facing out.so if we give drive to one piston using the slider crank mechanism(by pedalling) and obtain a rotary motion on the other side through the fluid.so driving the piston (smaller area of cross section) with little force we can generate a greater force on the other side using the pascals law.with this we can drive the rickshaw with a little effort.
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    Well, pistons full of fluid tend to use a lot of energy just to push back and forth. They may give you some leverage, but they are not exactly the most efficient at transferring energy. So, you will find you have to work quite hard to get the output you want.

    You need to be looking up the First Law of Thermodynamics and considering it carefully. Even if you do get some kind of leverage, you still have to put in the same amount of energy. There is no particular advantage to using fluids to accomplish leverage as opposed to gears. And I'm having a lot of trouble imagining how you would arrange the pistons anyway.
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    Just one problem: your rickshaw's speed will be snail's pace; passengers will get out and walk.
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