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Developing a game that requires a physics engine with little knowledge

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    Hello, This is my first post and if anyone can direct me to any links that would help I would appreciate it, but I'm having trouble understanding this on my own. I am developing a game with a physics engine and the scope I have in mind would require these calculations.

    I understand some of Physics, such as F=ma, momentum, velocity, and centripetal force but putting it all together is confusing. So I will instead ask a question for clarity.

    I have an Iron Sword that has a Mass of 2kg. I swing said object in a half circle arc (presumably creating centripetal force). The radius of my arm plus the sword is 1.5 meters making half the circumference roughly ~3.53 Meters at the tip of the blade. This entire actions takes me 0.5 seconds to perform.

    Would the mass of my arm affect the outcome?
    What is my momentum?
    What is the total force?
    What is my acceleration?
    What is my velocity?
    What is impulse and how would it affect this situation if I struck cured leather compared to other Iron?
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