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Developing a good resume

  1. Apr 6, 2008 #1
    Hey, what is the best resource for making/editing a resume? I don't have that much work experience, since I was aiming to go to graduate school. But since I am now a recent college graduate and I'm considering not going to graduate school, I will be applying for some jobs. My resume is crap and I would like to make it better.

    Any software recommendations for making a good resume?

    Thanks guys
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    Google: latex resume template
  4. Apr 6, 2008 #3
    I use LateX.... My advice would be to Google around for LateX resumes that you think are nicely done and then modify the originals where you see necessary.
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    Nice mind-reading Gokul. Next time I won't make a cup of tea before pressing the "post" button.
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    The bad part is that many recruiter wants *.doc format.. I am so mad with that! Why don't they just accept pretty open source *.pdf! BTW I am full linux user.. so yeah
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    If they want it in .doc format only, they probably dump it into a database that parses it for keywords.

    You could use that to your advantage...
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    Or they can just take *.txt format. The problem is that *.doc is an close-source format and I just dont have microsoft word to do that. Moreover that can be done on .pdf too if they really try to. But I do agree what you say
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    resume filetype:pdf


    resume filetype:doc

    or to get more specialized results

    resume physics filetype:pdf

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    Which operating system? If Windows, you do not NEED to have Word installed to create or read DOC files. Alternatives to Word are available. Some are freeware. Try Jarte if you have Windows installed but have no other word processor. The download has a freeware version.
  11. Apr 7, 2008 #10
    Well if i really want to, I can use openoffice (i am linux user). But M$ w0rd has problem within its different version. Thus the formatting would be messed up if you go from non-word to other. This is very true because it is not even fully compatible with wordperfect.. i just hate it because it is close source. It also sucks at alignment too when you try to write resume.

    At this point I just edit all my document in txt format or in latex, but i guess i am too extreme.
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