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Development of minigas turbine

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    Hi guys!

    I am taking the project that required me to develop the mini gas turbine from previous project. i have attached the previous project below. That's only design a air transmission tube with one free end and mini turbine at other. Now my project is develop this turbine. I dont know what exactly have to do, I am asked to measure temperature and pressure before and after air go through turbine, the load apply in turbine shaft because I am going to connect it with mini generator. My professor required me to work with LabView but I am not pro with it. Can people have me with this mess? How to you LabView to measure pressure? I heard that first I need sensors. I already have had Pico TC-08 for temperature measurement. What's for pressure. how can I measure the load on the shaft? What matters do I have to consider? Because after measuring I have to write the thesis so I want to make sure that nothing lacked in this project. Can any body help me with this? Or we cant talk via chatting, I will leave my nick if you feel free to chat with me.

    thanks all

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