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Devil in the Form of a Teacher

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    I thought its better to ask you so i am doing it.

    We have an Physics Professor and he is Old ,around 70 years of age.He is taking half of our Physics's Electrodynamics Course.
    Let me tell you about him.
    He speaks very fast and loud and clear.It looks like being so old he possess lots of Energy.He is obviously one of the most intellectual proffesor we have in Physics Department
    I am on this that, none of us are able to understand him.He is always in hurry and he doesn't encourage doubts or even stops for a moment.Those were intial days,i asked him an doubt and he stopped( :yuck: ) and took a deep breath.He was furious upon me,and told me "that you are not able to cope up with the pace of class.Keep your doubts with you till the Lecture and meet me in Office."

    Actually He has destroyed our interest in Electrodynamics,He comes and finishes lots of things in a single day and nobody understands a trace.How according to you this problem can be simplified.
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    bring it up with a school official. he obviously isn't teaching anything
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    Is there a Teacher's Assistant? Does he cover anything that is not in the books? If so does he give lecture outlines so that you can find the information on your own? Can you get a tutor if necessary?

    You probably shouldn't need to get a tutor. If he doesn't have a TA then talking with the department chair or Dean might get them to press him to have a TA. You might also want to ask him if he can supply lecture outlines, or if he gets or has a TA try talking to the TA about it.
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    If lots of other students share your opinion, you should bring it up with someone else in the department and see if anything can be done.
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    i agree with them, try to talk to some dept members lik Harbola etc
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