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Dew point of a gas mixture

  1. Sep 27, 2007 #1
    Dear All...
    For my first post in this forum I have choosen an easy question for you all!!!!!

    If I have a gas at room temperature and I start to compress it, when the gas reach its dew point, condensation starts

    What about for a gas mixture?? I try to be clear!!!!

    I have two real gasses: A & B.
    At room temperature the gas A condenses at 10bar, the gas B at 100bar.

    What happens if I start to compress a mixture of 50% of gas A and 50% of gas B???

    And if I change the mixture?? for example 20%-80% or 80%-20% of gas A-B respectively???

    At the present I was not able to understand if this is an easy question with very difficul application or directly a difficult question!!!!!

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