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Dft of cos function

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    i have typed some code in matlab to find the 5 point fft of cos function of frequency 100hz but in answer i am not geting the answer at 100 hz.may i know where the things going wrong. the code is as this one


    the answer is
    5 0 0 0 0

    thanks in advance
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    Hi amaresh92. Tell me what you know about the Nyquist sampling theorem.
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    dont know why it has to be true
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    Ok. The problem is that your single is at 100Hz, but you are only sampling at at 4 Hz (4 samples per second). Sampling theory says that we have to sample at at-least twice the highest frequency component of the signal, so greater than 200 Hz in this case. What this means is that your "t" spacing must be less than 0.005.
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    Hi amaresh92, if you want a simple 5 point example then try this code and see if the results make more sense. :smile:

    Code (Text):

    n = 5                    # Specify the number of points to sample.
    fs = 500                 # Specify the sample frequency.
    dt=1/fs                  # Calculate the inter-sample interval.

    t = [0:n-1]*dt           # Create the sample vector.
    x = cos(2*pi*100*t)      # Create the signal vector.
    xm = abs(fft(x))         # Compute the fft magnitude.

    df = fs/n                # Calculate the frequency increment of the fft.
    ascale = n/2             # Amplitude scale factor.

                             # Plot fft magnetude. Note "reflection" about fs/2.
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    thanks a lot
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