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DGLAP g-g splitting function?

  1. Jan 12, 2009 #1
    Hi -

    this is my first post. I'm a recent PhD particle experimentalist; though I'm trying to get a better understanding of underlying theory in my spare time (I hope to contribute more here later).

    My question - does anyone know a good source for a derivation of the P_gg (gluon-gluon) splitting function in the Altarelli-Parisi/DGLAP evolution equations? This hasn't been an easy thing to come by. I've worked through solutions for P_qq, P_qg and P_gq ; P_gg is apparently considerably trickier, and explicit solutions seem accordingly more difficult to come by.

    I've looked at Altarelli, Parisi's original paper, and I'm having trouble with the notation; I'm wondering if there's a (newer?) textbook out there that works this out explicitly.

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    Never mind - figured it out! (Sifting through the 1977 paper by Altarelli/Parisi, Peskin & Schroeder's Field Theory, and the 3-gluon vertex Feynman rule eventually confessed the right answer.)
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