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DHCP server

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    i've got 2 computers running on a ICS network without a router. im on broadband with 1 ip address. the host is giving the client a seperate ip address. will the clients computer's ip address change each time the computers are networked? because i know when i dial up broadband the ip addresses change i think.

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    A simple way to check is go to Start>Run>winipcfg

    this will give you the IP information. I'm pretty sure your computer will give the same IP each time though, I'm not positive, but with my experience the computer has given the same IP even if it is dynamically assigned.
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    What's ICS?

    Usually in these setups, you're doing some kind of software NAT on the host, and it will generally give the same IP to the client, often something like .
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    ICS is internet connection sharing, made big with XP, available for windows 98.

    A normal windows network, computer-to-computer, would use a variation of the IP, although, he is using a router and they can be a lil different, chances are he is still running a class c IP though.
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