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DI water vs regular water?

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    what happens if u accidentally use regular water to dissolve something u want to electrodeposit later instead of using DI water? will it change how it normally works? i think i mixed up the jars :frown:.
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    Not much unless the regular water you used was grossly contaminated with some other metal. Think about all the stuff you added to the DI water to get it to conduct electricity and the stuff you mean to deposit. A little chlorine and hardness aren't going to make much of a difference at all.
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    ok great, so basically it isn't bad to use regular water its just not the best, most consistent method.
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    Using regular water you can't control conditions as precisely as in the case of DI water. In some applications it won't matter, but some recipes can be very sensitive to small amounts of contamination. There is no one-rule-fits-all-cases answer.

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