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Medical Diagnosis Diabetes Mellitus

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    Hey guys, i'm just wondering if its possible to diagnose a person with diabetes mellitus if glucose is present in the urine? I mean just by merely glucose.

    If so, is there a way to test for the present of glucose (like any chemical ?).

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    Why not just use the traditional blood glucose test?


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    A lot of pharmacies offer screenings where they will perform a finger stick to test a drop of blood for you. You can also screen urine, but the blood test is more accurate.

    Though, if you're not just being curious and really suspect you or someone you know is diabetic based on other symptoms, it's probably best to just schedule a doctor's appointment. They can do the screening, and at the same time, do the rest of the exam to determine the right treatment...or if it's not diabetes, to consider other things the symptoms might indicate.
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    In some 3rd world countries, they put the urine of someone suspected to have diabetes, on the ground, and watch for ants to be attracted to it{the glucose}. It does seem to work.
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    Thanks, i guess i'll do screening. I don't know cause, i've some (not all) diabetes symptoms and i know i'm a glucose addict x(. Gotta check out, thanks guys.
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