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Diagnostic Technician

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    Hey, i am working for mercedes benz, doing my aprenticeship with Daimler Chrysler and am working towards being a Diagnostic Technician for Mercedes Benz.

    I have been thinking about moving out to the US for a few years when i finish so, how much (roughly) would a Diagnostic Technician earn a year in the US?
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    Depends on the area you live. Check monster.com
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    There are many different names for the same job, what is a diagnostics technician?

    I am a Repair & Maintenance Tech working in a Si Wafer fab. I repair and Maintain the equipment for our process, the range of pay, depends on experience and how well you get on with your boss. The pay starts at $40K+ and can be in excess of $90K for some one on the off shifts who puts in extra OT.
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    oh yea, i will be a specialist Mercedes Benz light Vehicle technician. Or as i think i will be known a Qualified Daimler Chrysler Diagnostics Technician.

    I will check monster.com anyway, and find it there, cheers.
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    i have been deciding weather or not to pursue a technical career and since its been brought up i might as well ask. for those of you who have heard of UTI(universal technical institue) thats where i want to attend and was also thinking about entering a 4 year college first for a masters in engeneering. now first what would you say is the avergae amount an auto technician would make without the 4 year degree....with? im just trying to figure out if there could be a significant pay increase for haveing an engeneering degree or not?
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    cool, i havent heard of that course, but i am in England so aint likely to hear of it. My course is 3 years, only about 18 weeks in the college though, with the option of another 1 or 2 years (i forget how many) to get a degree in an engineering field of my choice. And the pay should go up a fair amount.
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