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Diagonal polarizator

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    I'm a network security student who is implementing a protocol on quantum cryptography (focus on EPR photons). I have decided to simulate the behavior of photon and polarizers with jones's vectors and matrix.
    So, for the polarizers, i have a question:

    in this page (http://scienceworld.wolfram.com/physics/JonesMatrix.html) i have found linear horizontal polarizer and linear vertical polarizer separated, but the protocol provides only LINEAR POLARIZATORS and DIAGONALS POLARIZATORS. Browsing Internet I found that the matrix identity behaves like a linear polarizer , in fact it manage to cross both polarized photons vertically that horizontally. So, the problem now is found a diagonal polarizer the behaves in the same way. So, it must do to pass the photons polarized diagonally and brings the polarization of a photon linearly polarized, or 45° or -45° degrees.

    Thank's for your time...

    cordial greetings...
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