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Dial Tone goes off

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    Dear All,

    Please help me out with the problem im facing of telephone line.
    My telephone line goes down every morning when someone comes in the office and switched on anything like computer or printer, i am using the line for my DSL modem and as well as for FAX machine.
    when im connecting only telephone to that line i am not getting any dial tone, usually what im doin every morning is im disconnecting a line from the splitter and connecting a working telephone line in the splitter and again switch back to the old line, sometimes dial tones comes up but sometime i have to do it the same so many times.
    we have checked our internal cables it is ok there is no problem, when we checked on the Main board there is also no dial tone.
    but when Line comes up its working fine for whole day without any problem but the same thing happen in the next morning " no dail tone and No internet"

    when im trying to call my fax number from another number its ringing but where i dont know?

    so please help me out wit this problem
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    The first thing to do is call the company that you get your DSL from, they would be the people to help you. They should have free tech support. MY DSL provider offers 24/7 free tech support.

    There is already a thread on this problem, you can take a look at it for suggestions.

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