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Dial-up modem and Network card

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    If one was to install a wireless network card into a computer that already has a dial-up modem, would that cause any problems. A friend of mine is having trouble connecting to the internet with the card. He's already set the internet options to automatically detect a LAN. The card recognizes the signal but no internet. Thanks.
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    Is the dial-up modem the only connection to the Internet?
    If so, perhaps the computer with the modem must first be connected to the Internet, following which the computer with the wireless is able to gain access.

    I don't have much experience with any of that so I'm just guessing, but I believe you must configure the computer with the dial-up to accept connection sharing.

    Good luck
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    No, it shouldn't be an issue. Did you install the drivers? TCP/ip protocol in network settings? Configure it in network settings for the type of connection?
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    The dialup modem and the nic card are in the same computer. he's trying to switch to a wireless router and was wondering if having both in one computer would cause a problem. my girlfriend had a modem and nic card in her computer one time and the modem ended up getting fried for now reason. no storms or lightning. i thought that may have been causing the problem. i told him to take out the modem and give it another try.
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    Nope, it will definitely not cause a problem. My laptop has a dialup modem, a wireless card and a regular ethernet card, and they all work fine.

    I assume that if once the router is there, you won't be using the dialup anymore, right? Or are you going to share the dialup connection via the wireless network? If so, you might run into some troubles (Windows has a tendency to screw up connection sharing), but it definitely won't blow up any components.
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    i have a dial up modem and a wireless card and so does my brother. They work just fine. and we are able to share my dial up connection. (my machine is xp and has a connection sharing feature build into the operating system). It works just fine. So its possible.
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    If you only have one computer there should be no need for a wireless network. If you are just using one machine and are just trying to get the wireless card working properly, then it shouldn't be too difficult. Plug the phone cord into the modem in the back of your computer and from there to the wall. Make sure you are able to browse online. Then access your wireless connection (usually on the bottom right of the task bar or in All Programs from the Start menu, or under Network Connections in the Control Panel if it's in Classic view, or in Network and Internet Connections and then Network Connections if the Control Panel is in Category View). The wireless connection should have the connection that your wireless router is broadcasting. Click it, and you can configure it, then choose to Connect with it. And voiala! You should be online. For further trouble-shooting you should probably contact the vender of the wireless router and make sure it's compatible with your card (ie. 802.11b or g). Sorry this was wordy. Hope this helps.
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    No this is not a problem... Your PPP dialup and your 802.11 connection will be issued IP addresses (PPP for sure, your WIFI link will also be issued an IP address if DHCP is setup on your access point). Is your WIFI access point connected to some sort of broadband Internet connection? If so why would you want to keep you slower PPP dial up. I would just disable the PPP dial up and use your WIFI link.

    Perhaps you are trying to set up an "ad hoc" WIFI connection between 2 PC's and have one of these PCs act as a lightweight router for your PPP connection. If this is the case, then it will also work. In Windows you will have to ICS (internet connection Share) your PPP connection and this will turn the PC into a lightweight router (actually a NAT device). And you should be able to get on the Internet. I ahve seen problems with this only when people start creating network bridges (which are not needed).

    Anyway Good luck :-)
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    It sounds to me as though you have set it up to connect to the internet through a LAN.

    I have a LAN at home, one PC is connected to in internet with a dialup modem, then it's connected to the network via a 10/100 network card and has internet connection sharing enabled.
    The other PC is connected to it via a home made X-cable, it's this PC that has to detect an internet connection via the network.

    Does this help?
  11. Dec 31, 2009 #10
    I am in a similar situation. I have a desktop PC w/ WindowsXP Professional set up with a wireless network card getting Internet from my home network wireless router. I often call lists of people on the telephone, and I want to add a dialup modem to my computer so I can use the computer to autodial the telephone for me. When I add the dialup modem card, my internet is still connected, but the speed is reduced to about 1/10th of the broadband speed I'm accustomed to. Does anyone know how to make the two communications connections compatible?
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