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Dialating materials

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    Are there any known materials that will retract significantly when an electric current is run through it? I mean will it conduct electrons, but also take them in and form bonds causing the sample to retract.
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    in an electrolytic cell, you can run an electric current through the electrolyte and an Oxidation-Reduction reaction will occur.
    The classic example being water, split into Hydrogen gas and Oxygen gas. but in that case, water isnt conducting the electricity, it is the ions formed by dissolving an electrolyte in the water. A better example may be liquid Sodium Chloride, if you run an electric current through that, you will produce Sodium metal and Chlorine gas.
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    Sorry there was some bad wording in that prior post of mine. I was really thinking of a ruber like material that retracts when in the presence of current.
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