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Diamagnetic Levitation

  1. Oct 15, 2011 #1
    So I want to levitate....(drum roll please)....A REALLY SMALL WORM!!!

    First off, I read that the downward pull on the worm will be gr (gravity times density), so then how would I calculate how powerful my magnet would have to be to balance this force?

    So thats the mathematical part...

    Now, what else can I do with this experiment? I want to test stuff, not just levitate a worm (although levitating a worm is still awesome). Any suggestions?

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    I am afraid - levitating even small warm seems impossible without use of the strongest magnets in the world.
    Famous Frog of Nijmegen levitated in a field of 16T magnet.
    Size of the warm doesn't really matter (unless you want to levitate the elephant) - it is water diamagnetism which causes levitation, and as long as the object is smaller than magnet yoke - it makes no difference if it has 1mm or 1cm.
    To levitate water (or any living creature, built mostly of water) you must create magnetic field gradient bigger than 1400 T2/m

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    Awww...well what are some easy levitating resources? I know that theres a special type of graphite that works well...any other?
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    Graphite seems to be easiest one.
    But bismuth may work too.
    Long time ago I used to demonstrate for students levitation with 1T permanent neodymium magnets and a cube 1cmx1cmx1cm or so of metallic bismuth.
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