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Diameter measurement help

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    I'm wondering if anyone can help me out on a question.I have a mold it is 7 7/8" cylinder (inside diameter) I need to get the measurements for 3 plys of veneer they are 1/16" thick. Thanks

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    Could you explain in a bit more detail? What measurment do you need to get?
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    I need the length of the plys in inches or mm. The plys are placed in the mold one at a time as you put each one in they get smaller. The plys are 1/16" thick they need to fit in the mold perfectly the mold is a cylinder. It was computer cut at 7 7/8" inside diameter.After the plys are put in their forced tight by air pressure.I need them to fit tightly so the seams are tight. Thanks for your help
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    Pi * 7 13/16 = 24.544"

    Pi * 7 11/16 = 24.151"

    Pi * 7 9/16 = 23.758"
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    thank you for your help
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