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Diamond Colloid

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    Does anybody know much about, or know where I could find out about, diamond colloid? It is the most energy dense chemical fuel, correct? And if that is true, that would mean it can react to expend the most energy per ounce of any chemical reaction, right?
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    (6) Diamond has the highest known oxidative chemical storage density, possibly surpassed only by fullerene materials, probably because it also has the highest atomic number density per unit volume.

    (7) Hydrogen stored in solid form (H2 solidifies at ~57,000 atm at room temperature, making 600 kg/m3 crystals),568 yields an extraordinarily high chemical energy density, second only to diamond.

    From: http://www.nanomedicine.com/NMI/6.2.3.htm
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    Thanks. When it says that diamond has the highest known "oxidative" chemical storage,, does that imply that no other chemical reaction would release more energy per unit volume than the oxidation of diamond?
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    Also, how would you go about obtaining the energy from diamond? Simply burning its colloid?
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    Good question.
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    Anybody know? This is pretty fundamental
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    Guess Not?
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