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    Does anyone know how the diamonds in a diamond drill bit are attached to the drill? I tried google but didn't find much help regarding this question. I did find a picture of a diamond tipped drill:


    But no explanation of how the diamonds are made to stick to the drill. Or how the drill is made. Anyone have a detailed (or not so detailed) explanation of how this works?


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  3. Manufacturers usually come up with some proprietary name for their process (for trademark), but in my experience, sintering and electroplating are the most common methods.
  4. Often the diamonds are powdered and included with sintered or powdered metal.
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    Thanks for the answer.

    Could you say a little more about how electroplating works with diamond? The examples that I have seen of electroplating usually involve plating one metal with another metal. Is it a standard process to plate metal with non-metal?

    For diamonds, does the electroplating process work by first putting a charge on nano-sized diamond clusters and then using a current to deposit the clusters on the metal, or some other way? Thanks,

  6. Just a guess, but I think sputtering or electroplating would be the method to build-up the matrix around the dimond powder once it was attached.
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  8. I think the Diamonds are not implanted but they are deposited over the surface. Have heard about co-deposition technique?
    I think that can be quite a good option
    In the Electroplating Co-Deposition Tech., the diamond grains are co deposited over the substrate material
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    Thank You​
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