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Diamond structure

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    Hi everybody.....
    I have a question and i hope u could help me.

    Consider the diamond structure as simple cubic with 8 basis atoms. obtain the first two
    planes contributing to x-ray reflection from the diamond structure.
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    Hi is this home work question? It looks like that, then it should be posted i homework forum, and You should also post your work done, your thougts and ideas so that you can get help.

    Iam nice now since it is your first post (also a moderator will move this thread so dont make a new one), so I give you a hint:

    Start with the structure factor, and you know the postion for each of those 8 atoms in Sc-lattice- Then you look after which combinations of h.k and l that gives non zero structure factor.


    Now try this, and post what you got if you dont think you are making progress and then we will help you from there. Also, try to learn a bit how to post things using latex, so that things becomes clearer for us all.

    See this thread:

    Maybe it takes about an hour to learn, but it is worth it.

    Now good luck!
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