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Dice cog

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    A classic die is six sided with pips of equal depth. It seems to me that if it is perfectly symmetrical and the sides are in the classic configuration (opposite sides total 7) the center of gravity will not be in the center of the cube. Correct? Has anyone ever tried to figure out where it is? And if it isn't wouldn't they have a tendency to roll a particular number more? (this would only apply to dice with carved out pips, casino dice have colored pips so they would roll true)
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    I have been thinking about this a bit since I wrote the question and it seems to me that the 6 will come up the most often, more than 1/6th of the time because it is the lightest side and it is opposite the heaviest. This is slightly relevant because almost every consumer die has carved out pips.
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    seems right
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    The effect would probably be swamped by other imperfections in the dice.
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    I was assuming no imperfections and even if there were they would be relatively insignificant compared to the amount of material that is carved out by the pips in all but the cheapest crap made in China.
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    Well, I suppose colored pips would be more "true" as long as one wasn't using, say, lead-based paint.
    Oh wait, I forgot, China uses lead-based paint !!

    Sorry... couldn't resist.
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    lol Actually that would be negated by the lead in the plastic.
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