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News Dick Durbin: This week, Iraq had trouble forming it's government.

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    I was just watching a replay of Meet The Press, and Dick Durbin (the Democratic Whip in the Senate) was cautioning about being overly-optimistic about Iraq, noting that THIS WEEK Iraq had trouble FORMING ITS GOVERNMENT.

    Jesus, what the hell is wrong with this guy? It was 13 years between our Declaration of Independence and having our first President, forming a nation isn't a goddamn easy task that gets done in A WEEK! How long were The Articles of Confederation in place for? How long were our forefathers arguing about everything that needs to be argued about when founding a nation?

    Does anyone know anything about Dick Durbin; is he a complete moron or something, or does being the whip of your party mean you can never say anything remotely good about the action of the other party?
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    Later in that same show, Paul Krugman was on and said "It's five weeks [since the election in Iraq], still no government", then said that since it had been FIVE WHOLE WEEKS, and Iraq didn't have a whole damned government yet, that it might just all be an illusion that will never amount to anything.

    Holy crap these guys are out of it...
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    :rofl: So true. Though it is said they don't have to completely re-invent the wheel, and with our wonderful guidance they should make better time? If I were living there, I'd probably be too obessesed with electricity--there is SO much to be done in nation building.
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    Odd, when I see programs like this I say ACH! :smile: It is easy to forget what it took for the U.S. to get where it is today, and really it is never ending. Thank's for the reminder.
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