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Did anyone see the documentary about Einstein's wife?

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    My father told me that he saw this documentary about Einstein's wife and they said that she was also a Physicist. They claimed that Einstein took some of her ideas and she never received credit.
    Do you think it is possible that a man would take a woman's ideas and she would never get credit?
    I do.
    But I am not saying that Einstein was not brilliant.

    It is just hard to know what really goes on with the power structure and everything.

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    So do I!
    In my opinion, the great thing about women's lib is that today, it's vice versa as well (:wink:)

    Can' say I know about Einstein, though; from what I've heard (it might not be true), he thought her an idiot and dumped her in some European backyard when he found an occasion to do so..

    BTW, marissa, I listened a bit to your music; I think you have a very distinctive and good voice (not that I'm an expert or anything..)
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    his wife, Mileva Maric was serbian (like me :smile: ). I know she was a good physicist, but I honestly doubt that she gave him ideas about general relativity or special relativity. She didnt have the imagination. If I were concerned about Einstein stealing ideas, there is a lot more to the story. Science back in the day skips soo many people that contributed to his theories. When he came up with Special Relativity, a French mathematician (Pointclaire) came up with the exact same theory at the exact same time, he even proved the theory more elegantly and using mathematics. But you never hear his name being bounced around like Einstein. What Im saying is that in the Science world, there is always injustice, and no one knows what happens and or who steals whos ideas.
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    Blaming a single person for any major breakthrough is probably completely unwarranted. We humans do love to deify, though.
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    I think it is imperative that we don't stoop to turning something like this into a gossip, considering that this is a physics forum and not a supermarket tabloid. It's bad enough that this is already done almost everywhere else.

    We should instead defer to historians that have collected as much info as they can and tried to piece together the plausible scenarios. So I suggest one start reading the link below before believing in TV shows about Einstein and his first wife.


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    I find it difficult to beleive television specials. FOX ran one not too long ago about the "hoax" of the US landing on the moon. They failed to realized people would check up on them and, 1) notice they ran a special supporting the truth of the matter with the same host earlier 2) prove them wrong! I hate FOX television for this (all television for that matter) and instantly discredit anything I hear from television sources. It's so difficult to find the truth!
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    Poincare did develop the math of relativity beyond Einstein, and his name is very rightly given to the group of Lorentz transformations and rotations; the Poincare group. But Poincare's 1905 paper has none of the PHYSICAL implications that are in Einstein's 1905 paper, you will find nothing, for example, about relativity of simultaneity in Poincare, while it is one of the most important issues for Einstein.

    I agree about Mileva. I believe she did help him out when they were students together at the ETHS, more because he couldn't be bothered to study some things than because she was smarter. But his relativity came from within him.
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