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Did Feynman smoke?

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    Not looking for much of a discussion, just a simple answer. Did Feynman smoke cigarettes?
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Haven't you ever read his book: Surely You're Smoking, Mr. Feynman!

    Wait, that may not be right...
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    Chi Meson

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    Just a little bit, when he was cremated.
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    Just... wow.
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    Feynman smoked pot, for sure. Though I haven't done any research on his tobacco-use, it is very likely that he smoked. Cigarette-smoking was very widespread when he was active in physics. I have read complaints from attendees at conferences that it could be hard to see the blackboards through the smoke if you had a seat near the back.
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    :rofl: OMG Ivan. Good thing I wasn't sipping coffee! :rofl:
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    If I remember correctly, he also tried LSD once as well?
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    And LSD and other psychedelics and sensory deprivation, sometimes together. He hung out with Richard Alpert (who was an associate of Timothy Leary) who got involved in Indian mysticism and became known as Baba Ram Dass.
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    I guess it pays to be a famous physicist in the 60's. Or just be alive in the 60's? :)
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    I was having some fun in the 60's. I wasn't famous nor a physicist, but staying under the radar was probably good. One of my music-buddies went to Woodstock - I had to stay home and flag traffic and grease heavy-equipment on my lunch-hours. "Saving for College" is sometimes not fun.

    BTW, I and most of the Engineering students smoked. By 1970, there was a fatalism setting in. You'd have to be of "an age" to appreciate it.
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    No, it was "What Are You Smoking, Mr. Feynman?" :biggrin:
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    This picture was clearly modified. One can tell he was surely smoking.
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    He smoked on the bongos.
    http://boingboing.net/2009/05/30/richard-feynman-play.html" [Broken]
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