Did home video catch a spook?

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In summary: Theres a short clip on the site accessible thru the link 'Documenting Peter'. Very interesting. In summary, the family's home video captured a GHOSTLY figure that has spooked them.
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"A GHOSTLY figure captured unwittingly on a home video camera has spooked a Belfast family."

http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/story.jsp?story=432972 [Broken]
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Theres this other creepy website about this guy's son named Peter who visits him every so often to play hide and seek.

Theres a short clip on the site accessible thru the link 'Documenting Peter'. Very interesting.

http://www.mysonpeter.com/ [Broken]
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I think hoax...

I don't believe the Peter ghost site. I doubt ghosts have shadows, and the kid is too tall to be four.
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Whoops, they changed the original link to a registration required site.

As far as Peter, this is a really sad site. This poor guy...
I don't think this is a hoax. I think this guy believes what he says; assuming that his family really died which could easily be checked of course. Even though I tend to think that something real lies at the root of some ghost stories, this sounds to me like someone who cannot deal with the loss of his family. This is why he keeps the clothes, coats, and pajamas in place as if Peter were still alive. This is not an unusual reaction to devastating loss.
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The site is to polished, it seems fake. I was taken in for all of a few seconds. Except for this,

http://www.mysonpeter.com/code/09dp.html [Broken]

It's creepy.

However, there was another site about cavers being cursed by a haunted cave that had me taken in for days. Mostly because the site kept going down and it was on angelfire, so I had trouble reading it. It wasn't until I got to the last page did I realize it was faux. I mean, they didn't let on to anything particularly supernatural until the last few pages so its easy to get taken in with your senses :D
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Originally posted by Jonathan
I don't believe the Peter ghost site. I doubt ghosts have shadows, and the kid is too tall to be four.

I didn't notice any shadows in the video, and I doubt spatial restrictions from this life last on in the next.
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It is hard to explain what I meant, not hoax, but I don't think there's a word for it. However, as for the shadows, there is one on the wall at the end of the hall as he enters the doorway to the right. My sister says she knows how to use a computer to make the person fade in and out like that, but she may not know what she's talking about. I said that he's too tall to be four, but it is hard to tell without any reference objects in the scene. The top of the doorways are cut off in the video, which is probably why he looks so tall, my brain has a tendency to assume that the door must end at the edge of the screen, which make the kid really tall, but I know that you can see lots of the floor too, indicating that the camera is pointing pretty low. I would be far more convinced if it were in better lighting and the kid got close enough to compare his features with know pictures of him. Oh yeah, the pajamas look a little small for the kid in the video, but the guy says that the kid got them soon before his death. If you get a kid clothes, you'd get ones that fit. One thing I don't understand though: why do ghosts appear to wear clothes at all? They're dead, what do they care if you see them naked? Or do they not have bodies under there? But again, in that case, why the clothes?
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1. What is a "spook" in the context of this question?

A "spook" is a slang term for a paranormal entity or ghost.

2. What do you mean by "home video"?

"Home video" refers to video recordings made by individuals in their own homes, typically using consumer-grade equipment.

3. Can home video truly capture a spook?

There is no scientific evidence to support the existence of paranormal entities, so it is highly unlikely that home video could capture a spook. Any supposed footage of a spook is likely a hoax or a misinterpretation of natural phenomena.

4. Are there any scientific studies on home video footage of spooks?

No, there is no legitimate scientific research on home video footage of spooks. Most scientific studies focus on natural phenomena and do not consider the existence of paranormal entities.

5. Is there any way to prove or disprove the authenticity of home video footage of spooks?

Without a scientific understanding of what constitutes a spook, it is impossible to prove or disprove the authenticity of home video footage. However, the lack of scientific evidence and the prevalence of hoaxes suggest that most supposed footage of spooks is likely not authentic.

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