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Did i blink my eyes or was it lightning?

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    So there i was sitting there minding my own business. I turn my head towards this window and i blink my eyes and i swear right as my eyes were closing, i thought i saw some lightning. Now of course, its been a clear day, no clouds.... so im assuming it was just my eyes blinking.

    Well 5 seconds later, i was proven wrong. I swear the loudest clasp of thunder I have ever heard in my entire life just... la;sjdfl;sa'd me. Guess it was the opening act for what so far has been one hell of a thunder store. :grumpy:
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    they're called "positive giants" and happens about 20miles aways from an actual storm. they are rare but are so destructive than the regular lightning, thus their name.:)

    next time you encounter 'em, don't forget to smile and say cheezzzz :biggrin:
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