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Did I put this truth table in the k-map correctly?

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    Hello everyone, I need to you to check if i did this right, i did this k-map 3 different times and everytime i do it, i get a different answer. okay here is the picture:
    http://img212.imageshack.us/img212/109/lastscan3ga.jpg [Broken]

    also here it is at another location:
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    no, you have an error. you have two c' entries on thr map but only one in the original truth table.
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    so the 1's should be here:
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    You could simplify using boolean theorems to check your answer.

    z= A'BC+AB'C+ABC'+ABC

    The last term ABC, has at least two variables common in the other terms.

    Z = BC(A'+A) + AC(B'+B) + AB(C'+C)
    Z = BC + AC + AB

    You have BC + AC' + AB

    The mistake that you made in the K-map is that you have AB'C' instead of AB'C.
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