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B Did I see Venus?

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    I live in a light polluted area, and the last few weeks I have been walking down my street to see one very bright point of light. Other than the moon, it was the only astronomical object I could see with the naked eye, as well as occasionally a few fainter points. I was wondering what this was, so I looked on a website to see where the objects are in the sky from where I live, and Venus was at that exact point.

    Was I looking at Venus? I thought it couldn't be since it seemed to stay in exactly the same position in the sky for at least 5 or 6 weeks.
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    Thanks for the website. It was (approximately) 10 to 20 degrees to the West from the full moon in January, and about the same number of degrees to the South.
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    Another cool software you can check to confirm it: Stellarium , its free, open source, and works in windows, mac and linux.

    You can set your location, time, adjust light pollution... really useful =)
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